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4 Best Browsers for Privacy and Security in 2021

Online Privacy, Best Browsers, Settings, and Tips

In this world where nothing has remained personal, one seeking privacy online could be challenging to get. Privacy starts with your internet browser. What you browse determines a plethora of things about you. And this sensitive information has to be protected at all costs.

What exactly is Online Privacy?

Online privacy is protecting the data that has been used by you. It includes personal, financial, communications, preferences, or any other type of data and having a certain extent of privacy over it. Online Privacy is important to understand because of many reasons. One of the most important of which is to protect your identity and sensitive information from the world. Privacy is a concept protected by cyber laws that should be given to each individual.

So while accessing the internet, browsers are the first thing you intend to use. Know all about the best browsers, settings, and tips to improve your privacy online.


While accessing the internet, you search the topics on your browsers. And hence the browsers have all the information about what you like, what you do not like, your political views, your preference, and so on. And that is why it is pertinent to use a safe and secured browser for your internet privacy. Here are the 4 best browsers for privacy and security in 2021.

    Tor Browser came in 2002 developed by the Tor project. Its primary principle was to secure the data and provide users to access the internet anonymously. The tor browsing policy is backed by its powerful security. The Tor Browser does not keep a track of your browsing history. It also clears all the cookies and caches after every use. Make sure to regularly keep a check on updates as they will notify you of security flaws in the older versions.
    We have added Mozilla Firefox developed by a non-profit organization called Mozilla which brings you highly customizable privacy settings. It offers you a plethora of security benefits such as phishing protection blocking reported attack websites, and warning on add ons. Its completely open-source, making it accessible for any user to check the security codes.
    The vastly used and popularized browser for its speed, Google Chrome has worked efficiently and brought us the best solutions to all our problems. Google encourages users to find bugs and scope of improvement to elevate the company Google and bring the best to you. It automatically upgrades the browsers every eight weeks, leaving no scope for outdated versions to remain and cause any trouble. It is also an open-source browser for users to ensure security codes. It gives an additional benefit of a built-in ad blocker.
  4. BRAVE:
    Brave was founded by Brenden Eich in 2016. Its relatively new in the market but managed to secure a fair position in providing the best privacy and security. It provides you with a built-in ad blocker, allows you to delete what data you choose to delete, clock fingerprinting attempts, and keep scripts from loading.



Constantly check your privacy control on social media apps. It will determine how much is visible to the world. Sometimes, while using an app we check the boxes, allowing an app to browse through our personal information. Make sure you tick the boxes that is beneficial to you as well and not just another way of stealing your information.


Create an additional email account for disposable or one-time-use purposes. More often than not, you are required to provide your email address on sites or blogs to enable usage. By doing that, you open doors to a lot of spam and cluttered emails.

Creating a separate email while purchasing a SIM card would be viable for you to secure your personal information and avoid spam.


Many apps use encryption in transit which means they can decrypt the data and easily hack into your chats. Do not let this happen by avoiding using apps with end-to-end encryption. It lets you secure your chats from the service provider itself. Choose apps wisely for messaging.


Most of the time, we make a password for sites or accounts which are easy to guess. Create passwords with a complex pattern weak passwords could be hacked by anyone. Although the app notifies you of any log in other than your device still it can change the password meanwhile and destroy your privacy. Make strong passwords with an easy pattern of numbers and letters.



Always make sure to use secured networks and WiFi. While using a phone for accessing the internet, make sure to secure it with passcodes or passwords. VPN could also help in protecting your data without customizing it on each browser. You can download it and let it take care of everything by itself.